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The world is beautiful

and I am lucky.

It’s been awhile since I logged onto my tumblr as I was busy with softball, school, and the band. To my pleasant surprise, my old post on Fools has 109 notes! Amazing. It’s quite timely actually, considering the fact that the band just released a new song last Saturday. Here it is for your lovely ears to here: “Run” - a song recorded, produced, and written by The Ransom Collective.


Switzerland | Anto Barisic


Switzerland | Anto Barisic
Midsummer starry nights-Elena Morelli

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My Dad insisted on taking panoramic pictures, to the annoyance of the family. I’ve got to admit that despite blurriness of the pictures, they turned out to be pretty cool. Good job, Dad!


JK Rowling’s new update about Harry, Ron, Hermione, and friends.

so ironic how the night i’m turning twenty is the night i feel most nineteen when this past year i believed my age to be twenty just because i knew i was turning twenty and yet i still wasn’t and now that i am, all i wanna be is nineteen

i wish i didn’t remember that my birthday is tomorrow. that this isn’t my last night as a teen. that it doesn’t even matter. but it does. because i keep thinking about it. and i shouldn’t. because it’s no big deal. im just making it a big deal. i wish i wish i wish.

i wish time was on my side. I wish i could enjoy the few hours i still have, but maybe it should be this way. maybe the night i turn twenty is the night i have to act like one.

i wish i didn’t have to write this damn paper. i wish i didn’t have practice everyday and gigs this week so i could allot those times to write. but i have commitments, and i gotta make time for them.

it’s always been like this, i guess. this whole student-athlete-musician priority thing. i’ve handled it well, i believe. it’s just that this night is the one night i’m still a teen, and yet it is the only night i have to write this damn paper.

all i gotta think of is the luck i have on my side, the people that make up my life, and the blessings i have received. i’m so damn lucky it’s a crime to think i’m not.

i hate that i’m making this a big deal. but after this, i won’t. after writing all these words, i shall let go.

i shall act twenty (aka responsible) a night earlier than is expected.

lucky me.


Julian Madeja


Julian Madeja

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So I wanted to try out Kian’s mic, and these are the words that came out of my mouth while playing some  chords I made up on the ukulele


I feel like I’m always the butt of your joke

every time you laugh it’s always at me

but i’m okay with it `cause it is quite funny

and i’m okay with it `cause i’m happy just being me

I’d rather be myself more than anyone else

I’d rather be me than you than him or her too

I’m just okay with myself, i’d rather be just myself

because being myself is better than being someone else

and every time you laugh at me

I laugh with you because I think it is funny

yeah I am cool with it, cool with it, I’m cool cool cool cool cool with it

I’m ice in the freezer, penguins in the south pole

I googled about penguins by the way, and yes, they live in the south pole! Polar bears live in the north. #funfact

credits to: http://blogs.goaj.org/mrshamman/2013/01/22/postcards-from-antarctica/ for the penguin drawing!

how do you trust someone to love you forever?

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"You are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing."

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